And they've been impossible to get your hands on, but thankfully after another sell out earlier this summer, they're finally back. The Don't Go Yet singer opened up to Entertainment Off White T Shirt Tonight earlier this week about the film and Mendes support throughout the process.

There was a time when seeing what someone else wore and how they wore it was interesting. At least that's how Cuup does it. The verdict Surprisingly comfortable despite the heat. One of her favorite parts of her job is hosting skincare classes similar to those spa days she shared with her grandmother.

Come October 31, instead of digging deep into our style encyclopedias for a punny costume, we're turning the camera on ourselves and not just for a selfie. No, we're not talking about a shoefie or an OOTD hell, not even an Off White Clothing evachenpose. And whenever Angelina Jolie was spotted, she was wearing one too. Over one million people pre ordered the masks, and most recently, 750,000 signed up to be notified of a KN95 restock that has since sold out.

Pair it with a pair of jeans and a white T shirt or throw it over a dress to give it an edge for an evening event. Leandra embodies this idea so well by using fashion to articulate her point of view. After all, these days it's as easy to buy a certain handbag in Stockholm as it is in Milwaukee all you need to do is head to the local HM.

I'm talking punchy psychedelics, all white looks that make you feel like you run a successful pottery business, and oversized 80s suits your parents would be proud of. Schiffer was one of the original five members of the Supers, a group of fashion models that also included Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christiensen, and Christy Turlington.

In London, the stocking trend so often associated with 50s pin ups and 70s punks is back. But this time, as U.K. Marine Serre and Dior kicked things off, which brought out checked ensembles, face masks and big pouches from the street style crowd. The latter really caught our attention, as we spotted Bottega Veneta's iconic cloud like clutch as well as a handful of other styles including Prada's new bowling top handle bag Off White Hoodie and Bottega's Padded Cassette crossbody, which showgoers carried as clutches.