Last season, the Lakers recruited Zomond (Andre Drummond) to join the team in the middle of the season and had him replace Marc Gasol as the starting center.2021Sneakers, Even though Gasolet reiterated his intention to return to the Lakers last month, he was still unable to let go of the bumps replaced by Zomond last season. Gasolet was released after being traded to the Grizzlies by the Lakers a few days ago. He will return to his hometown as the end of his basketball career. "The Athletic" reporter Bill Oram pointed out on his personal Twitter: "Perhaps this teaches us that we should not always look for shiny new things. Little Gaso is a long man who can open up space, and the Lakers can let He is paired with Russell Westbrook." Oran later mentioned in the article: "The Lakers' idea of ​​trying to reinforce last season is not wrong, even if Zomond’s talent and size have a chance to help the Lakers, However, the final result proved that this was invalid. Afterwards, it may be the follow-up effect brought by the signing of Zomond, because the Lakers originally promised that Gaso could start the game first, but in the end he was reduced to the third team. Rotation, this has also created a difficult-to-repair rift between the Lakers and Gasoline."

The old coach Cotton Fitzsimmons, who passed away in 2004, was recently recognized by the Hall of Fame. He was the coach of the Suns for the third time in his career and was trusted by Jerry Colangelo. He was involved in the Charles Barkley transaction. Sneakers2090 ,Play a key role, and its contribution to the history of the Suns can be said to be highly respected. Fitzmond and Colangelo hit it off when the Suns were established. The former was taken over by the latter, who retired from the coach position to the general manager. Although the first cooperation ended in only two seasons, this partner will leave a fortune in the history of the Sun in the future. The meritoriously talked about, although it was only 16 years later in 1988 that Fitzmond returned for the second time. Fitzmonds led an important transaction after taking office, and that was in exchange for defender Kevin Johnson, who was criticized for sending the fan-loved Larry Nance. Then the Suns added up Dan Majerle and Tom Chambers, and Fitzmonds also succeeded in bringing a whirlwind style of play.

Chambers recalled: "The message he gave to our team is always to play fast, and then even faster, that is, rush all the way to the end, run, and then play hard. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the game. His enthusiasm Always infect us.”Hey Dude Women's Shoes And when Fitzmond retired in 1993, he also transferred to Colangelo consultant to continue to trade for the sun. In the Barkley deal in 1993, Fitzmons made a great contribution. When the other party arrived in Phoenix by plane, he even went to meet him personally. Barkley was even more impressed with the old coach. A match made in heaven, we are always tired of playing golf together, he can talk trash, he is very experienced and dedicated to basketball all his life." The last time Fitzmond took control of the Suns coach was in 1996 when he was called for emergency fire fighting. Although the following season soon resigned because of the eight-game losing streak in the opening season, of course he did not conceal his achievements in the Suns. Fitzmonds and Johnson’s mentorship is even more sincere. When he suffered from cancer in his later years, Johnson’s mother volunteered to take care of the nurse. Johnson’s mother recalled: “It’s really an honor for me to help take care of Fitzmonds on the last journey. He is loved by everyone. Players, coaches and friends come to see him from all over the country. The scene is moving. I Always hold your heart." Johnson himself emphasized: "What my mother did to Coach Fitzmond is the same as he did to me in the past."