Did you know that there are almost 5000 satellites orbiting the earth right now? We have become used to instant communications and entertainment wherever we may live on the planet. However, it takes complex technology to maintain remote wireless communication and control of these satellites. 

In truth, wireless communication technology has an unseen impact on all of our lives each day. If you have a business, you may wonder how you can make the best use of the various types of wireless communication. What else can it do for you?

Learn the answer by reading our in-depth guide to wireless technologies.

  1. Satellite Communication

Satellite communication is a crucial form of wireless communication. By means of satellites, people all over the earth can communicate with each other.

It may not be possible to send a signal to another country because, well, the curvature of the earth is in the way. This is one reason why satellites are orbiting the earth because they can send a signal amongst themselves and eventually to the distant country. All of this at an incredibly fast speed. 

NASA and other space agencies make regular use of this type of technology. Of course, sending a satellite into the atmosphere is not cheap. Therefore the technology involved must be subjected to significant testing before launch. 

  1. Infrared Communication

Infrared communication is present in most homes in the form of a television remote control. However, how does it work? IR transmits information by means of invisible light. This means that on the electromagnetic spectrum it lies between microwaves and visible light. 

Infrared communication requires a transmitter and a photoreceiver to receive the light beam. Since any disruption to the light will result in the photoreceiver not receiving it, IR will only function when there is a line of sight visibility. That means that if you stand between the transmitter and receiver it will probably not work.

  1. Broadcast Radio

The most famous form of wireless transmission on our list, broadcast radio, was probably the first kind of wireless communication. Radio transmitters send out data in the form of radio waves to receiving antennae. Radio waves are forms of electromagnetic signals. Signals are relatively narrow, and waves can be sent across various frequencies. This is why your car radio is able to receive signals from many different radio stations. There are many types of users of radio communication. Radio stations that send out informative and entertaining programs. Maritime radio channels allow ships to communicate with each other and the shore. Ham radio enthusiasts are able to communicate and use radio communication for personal use